Voice scramblers are used to provide security of conversation between radio transceivers, cellulars or regular telephones.

Voice scramblers have different levels of security to protect conversations from occasional listeners or to secure privacy of communication in police and military applications.

- Frequency inversion provides the lowest level of security and usually offer up to 8 different programmable codes. These scramblers are recommended for protection from occasional listeners or scanners, but are not suggested for professional applications.

- Frequency domain rolling codes are suggested for medium and high levels of security. These devices offer a substantial number of programmable codes to choose from, usually in the hundreds, millions or billions depending on the specific model chosen. For added security, a factory-only programmable code could be reserved for specific customers to avoid compatibility with identical units sold in the same area.

- Time domain units have the highest level of security. These devices manipulate the time of transmission rather than the frequency of the voice. Over a billion customer-programmable codes are available for this device.

For the most sophisticated scrambler, there are a variety of features available such as (but not limited to):

+ Over-the-air programming

+ Re-synchronization of lost signal

+ Selective or Group Calls

+ ANI, Status

+ Emergency

+ Disable or Kill command of the radio

+ Man Down status

We would appreciate if you could provide details of your voice security application and we will tailor a system to meet your needs.

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