Originally designed to satisfy overseas markets with telephone line shortages, the SmarTrunk II system is now being used in the USA domestic market as a viable alternative to more sophisticated and expensive trunking solutions.

The original concept of the system was to share a limited number of telephone lines among a fairly large number of potential users. It can also provide shared frequencies in conventional radio dispatch applications.

The SmarTrunk II system is ideal for remote rural applications. The limit of each individual system is determined by the maximum capability to control 16 full duplex channels of communication for each site. Each individual system is capable of accepting as many as 4,000 subscribers.

Subscribers could make radio-to-radio selective calls as well as make or receive telephone calls.

The typical multi-channel base station installation requires:

+ One SmarTrunk controller for each channel (full duplex repeater)

+ One Telephone Line (or linked telephone line) for each controller panel

+ The typical components of an RF installation such as power supply, amplifier, combiner, multicoupler, duplexer (if needed), antenna and cable.


Turn-key repeater sites could also be delivered in tested and working condition for immediate operation. Technical solutions to extend the area of coverage, liking multiple sites are possible according to the specific needs of the application.

The SmarTrunk II system operates with terminals (portable or mobile radios and fixed stations) in half-duplex or in full-duplex mode (like a telephone). We carry logic boards compatible with radios from Motorola, Yaesu, Alinco, Kenwood, Icom, Standard, Tait and more.

The SmarTrunk II system could sustain a Wireless Local Loop application. Please see Wireless Local Loop under products offered.

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