Most new radios offer some sort of signalling capability, but a variety of add-on modules are available for older models of radio or to complement the type of signalling that is provided by radio manufacturers.

The most common of these boards are:

+ CTCSS (Tone Squelch) encoders and encoder/decoders

+ DCS (Digital Code Squelch) encoder/decoder

+ ANI (Automatic Number Identification) encoder, decoder in various formats DTMF, 5/6 tone, digital

+ 5/6 Tone encoder and encoder/decoder

+ 2-tone decoders and encoders

+ Digital (G-Star and similar) encoder and encoder/decoder

+ Tone Burst encoder and decoder

+ Band Pass Filters

We also offer a variety of shared repeater panels to allow multiple users to share the service of a repeater.


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