Wireless Local Loop is an ideal application to provide telephone service to a remote rural area.

The system is based on a full-duplex radio network that provides local telephone-like service among a group of users in remote areas. These areas could be connected via radio links to the national telephone network, though allowing the WLL subscriber to call or be reached by any telephone in the world.

The WLL unit consists of a radio transceiver and the WLL interface assembled in one metal box. Two cables and a telephone connector are the only outlets from the box; one cable connects to a Yagi directional antenna and a phone receptacle to connect to a common telephone set. A fax or modem could also be connected for fax or computer communication.

The WLL is an enhancement of the SmarTrunk II system and for more information on the base/repeater station to operate the WLL, please review SmarTrunk under the product listing.


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